09 February 2017

New York, actually - Sarah Morgan

New York, actually (UK edition)
#4 in the From Manhattan in Love series
contemporary romance
I so far enjoyed this series
all books are set in New York
the first about three friends
books #3-6 will be about three siblings
who are acquaintances of some of the characters from the first three books
this romance is about Molly and Daniel
they meet whole jogging
and because Daniel is attracted to Molly
he borrows a dog to make Molly see him
(it sounds crazy and it is crazy)
what starts as a normal flirt
soon develops into something deeper
something both Molly and Daniel were not looking for
lies on both sides complicate things
and might destroy their relationship
"New York, actually" is another nice romance in the series
while reading the story I had a good time
and the ending made me happy
the drama that came before that was a bit too much for me
at times I also struggled a bit with Molly and her job
before reading the story I actually expected to have issues with Daniel
however I liked him a lot
all in all this was a nice romance
maybe not one that will stay in my thoughts
but it still made me curious about the next book in the series.

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