23 February 2017

Lodestar - Shannon Messenger (a middle grade fantasy series worth a second look)

middle grade + fantasy
I loved the first three books
struggled a bit with the fourth book in the series
book #5 worked for me better than #4
this time it was once again easy to reconnect to the world and characters
to get into a good reading flow
I always enjoy meeting Sophie, Fitz and the others again
to see what they are up to
to watch them grow up
to applaud when they get stronger through their adventures
and strengthen their connections with each other
however not all plot developments worked for me
this was also an issue with the story in the fourth book
I still think that extending the series to seven books instead of five
was maybe not the best decision
I still enjoyed the reading experience "Lodestar" gave me
because I love the world and characters Messenger created
and that's why I plan to read the next two books in the series
and hope that in these final books the series will be back to being fantastic.

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