07 February 2017

Hold back the stars - Katie Khan (not YA + and then came the ending ...)

mix of romance, SciFi and dystopia
stand-alone + adult
how to review this book?
it's not going to be easy
without including some major spoilers
but I will try
because even though I love spoilers
I know that many of you hate them
however after reading this review
you still might be able to guess
what happens at the ending
"Hold back the stars"
is a book I enjoyed reading
I expected a young adult book
however the main characters are well in their twenties
I enjoyed the author's writing style
and the female main character
I liked learning more about her, her life, hopes and dreams
I struggled a bit with the male main character
at times he annoyed me
a times he seemed a bit flat
other times I enjoyed reading about him
the romance was one that made me feel a lot
it was real, complicated, tragic and also beautiful
it had its ups and downs
struggles, fights, hope, love
the world building wasn't perfect
not everything made sense
but I could still believe in this world existing
because the author made me believe in it
the mix of romance, SciFi and dystopian
is one that worked for me nearly perfectly
don't expect tons of SciFi and dystopian elements
or a world building
in which every detail is explained and makes sense
while reading I often thought
that this book could be perfect
for a movie adaption
even though the story had flaws
I overall enjoyed listening to it
and then came the ending
and while listening to it
I was waiting for the next chapter to begin
but that never happened
the ending is realistic and fits to the world
Katie Khan created in "Hold back the stars"
a world in which individualism is very important
and serious relationships before the age of 35
aren't allowed
a world in the aftermath of a major war
a world where you don't have a real home
where you are always on the go
always meeting new people
and the ending fit to the situation
the two main characters are in
stranded in space
with only about 90 minutes of air left
and still I expected something different
something less finite
and still the ending somehow felt right
but also so, so wrong
at least for someone like me
who is always looking for a happy ending
"Hold back the stars"
wasn't perfect for me
however I enjoyed listening to this book
and the story will stay with me
so yes, I would read more by Katie Khan
but would first check for spoilers about the ending
because I like spoilers
and happy endings. 

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