01 February 2017

Good Boy - Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy (maybe I expected too much)

#1 in the WAGs series
connected to Him & Us        
sports romance
one of the books I was most excited for in 2017
because I love Him & Us
and adored Blake in "Us"
I was so sure that I was going to love "Good Boy"
the book tells the story of Blake and Jess
they met in Us
shared some very hot moments
and now meet again
let me start with what I enjoyed about "Good Boy"
the story made me smile and laugh often
the book was easy to read and gave me some nice hours
I liked the hot moments
meeting Jamie and Wes again was nice
I especially loved seeing their wedding
and I liked both Blake and Jess
plus I could feel their chemistry
but not everything was perfect for me
I never could see Blake and Jess as real people
I wanted to know more about their deepest wishes
theirs thoughts, hopes and dreams, their fears
I didn't get close enough to both of them
especially to Blake
I wanted to go deeper
but that wasn't offered by the story
because of that I couldn't completely believe in the love between Jess and Blake
I saw and understood the chemistry
but didn't feel as if they knew each other well enough to talk about love
there were also some minor things that bothered me
I missed Forsberg
one of the new characters didn't interest me
his appearance didn't add anything positive to my reading experience
the story with the dog left me cold
the WAGs got on my nerves
plus I wanted Jamie to realise what had really been going on
with the chiweiler situation in "Us"
yes, my expectations were high
maybe too high
but after loving Him & Us 
I just expected another amazing romance
what I got was an ok one
I plan to read the next book in the series
even though Erickson hasn't been a character
I have been interested in so far
but I hope that the next book in the series
will be back to being fantastic
and I might reread "Good Boy" soon
in hope of connecting to the main characters
in a better, deeper way. 


  1. I often find that when one of my favourite authors releases a book that's even slightly below my expectations, I'm quite disappointed. It sounds like that may be the case here. At least the book made you smile and laugh, even if you didn't completely buy the emotional side of the romance!

    1. I think even without my high expectations I would have struggled with the book. At the end of a romance I want/need to feel a solid connection to the main characters, I want to know who they are. This didn't happen with Blake. But I'm ok with it, like you said, at least the story made me laugh.

      Happy Reading!




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