13 February 2017

#girlboss - Sophia Amoruso (when a book annoys you beginning to end)

for some time I saw this book everywhere
the girlboss hashtag became incredibly popular
and the hype was crazy
well known bloggers, Youtubers and so on raved about the book
but I was a bit sceptical about it
because it's the story of a woman
who created yet another fast fashion brand
and fast fashion is known for making money
at cost of workers and nature
watch documentaries like "The True Cost"
to learn more about the issues of fast fashion
so I wasn't sure why I should celebrate yet another creator of one of those brands
especially because I buy and wear fair, eco fashion
but I still wanted to give #girlboss a try
and got it as an ebook through my local library
early on in the book Amoruso spoke about feminism and luck
and how both had nothing to do with her success
that's when I realized that I would have a lot of issues with the book
the book is all about Amoruso
the constant I's got on my nerve
because they often came without any substance
if you are looking for a book full of business tips
don't get #girlboss
if you are looking for a book about a woman who is aware of her privileges
don't get #girlboss
when reading #girlboss I often stumbled about the arrogant tone
the constant bragging
the missing self-awareness
too many contradictions
not enough substance
so yes, I was pretty disappointed by #girlboss
and wouldn't recommend it to other readers. 

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