21 February 2017

Gemina - Amie Kaufman + Jay Kristoff (so good, even better than Illuminae)

#2 in the Illuminae Files
young adult + scifi
"Illuminae", the first book in the series,  was surrounded by a lot of hype
and after reading the book myself
I agreed with most of it
the books in this series take you on breathtaking space adventures
and mesmerise through all the different text formats and illustrations
which are used to tell the stories
"Gemina" continues the story of "Illuminae"
the story focuses on what happens on the space station
the survivors from "Illuminae" are trying to reach
the book introduces a whole new set of main characters
characters I was fascinated by
characters I loved reading about
from the first pages on it was easy to reconnect with the world the authors created
once again their special way to tell a story was perfect for me
this time all the different formats worked even better for me than they did in "Illuminae"
"Gemina" tells a story of great loss, strength, betrayal and hope
it tells the story of a group of teens
who fight with everything they have to win against the bad guys
it's a story that made me laugh and grieve
that entertained me very well
that left me completely satisfied
I'm not sure if all of the science makes sense
and I honestly don't care about it
because I loved everything "Gemina" gave me
and I can't wait to read the third and final book
in this extraordinary series.

You can find my review on "Illuminae" here. 


  1. I agree, I enjoyed this one even more than the first one! I just loved the character of Hanna!

    1. Dito, I can't wait to read the last book in the series later this year. It's going to be epic.

      Happy Reading!




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