14 February 2017

Forever, again - Victoria Laurie (stories with reincarnation aren't perfect for me)

young adult contemporary thriller with elements of reincarnation
I love Laurie's first YA book "When"
and recommend it to pretty much everyone
so of course I was very excited for Laurie's second YA novel
"Forever, again"
and once again enjoyed the author's writing style
and the way she creates characters and stories
however one crucial thing didn't work for me this time
the special elements in the story are based on reincarnation
something I usually struggle with
because I have a hard time to believe in the concept
and don't like some of the consequences of it
for the people living in the now
and that made it hard for me to love "Forever, again"
to get lost in this tale of two love stories
one that ended in a tragic way
one that just begins
I also wasn't the biggest fan of how forgiveness was portrayed in the epilogue
call me a mean person
but some betrayals are so deep
that I don't want the person who did it back in my life
so no, "Forever, again" wasn't perfect for me
however fans of stories surrounding reincarnation could love this book
and I will definitely check out Laurie's next YA novel
and will continue to read her Psychic Eye series (adult). 


  1. The reincarnation bit makes it sound very intriguing.

    1. Great to hear that you think that the reincarnation aspect is intriguing.

      Happy Reading!




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