04 February 2017

Echoes in Death - JD Robb (masks frighten me)

Echoes in Death
part of the In Death series
romantic suspense
I received my preordered copy a few days early
and of course did a happy dance because of it
you know me, I adore reading about Eve, Roarke and all of the other characters
I have been following their lives for many years now
and can't imagine a life without them
the new case combines two things I'm afraid about
having an intruder in your home
and scary costumes/masks
I hate masks
because of that the case thrilling
but actually not as gripping as I expected it to be
the focus was mostly on the investigation
but there were also a few lovely moments between Eve and Roarke
it's nice to see them changing things in their house
so it becomes their home
a home they built together
as pretty much always I enjoyed this newest book in the In Death series
even though it's not my favourite instalment
"Echoes in Death" is a good, solid book
and of course I'm already excited for the next case.

Happy Reading!

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