13 February 2017

Calm - Michael Acton Smith

"Calm the mind, change the world"
"Be calm. Be free. Be yourself"
are two of the promises the book makes about itself
I heard about the book and app some time ago
looked into both
but wasn't interested in the app
and thought that the book might be a bit too expensive
for something I wasn't sure about
I recently discovered it in a local bookstore for a good price
and finally bought it
the description of the book promises a lot
so I expected a powerful book
with the potential to change my life
what I got was a nice overview of different techniques to calm down
different ideas on what to change to become more relaxed
techniques and ideas that aren't new
that are in fact already pretty well known
so I didn't discover as many new things through "Calm"
as I was hoping for
out of all pages maybe 10-15 stayed with me
motivated me to change something
the rest was nice to look at
but not with as much substance
and fresh, revolutionary content
as I was hoping for
if you like pretty non-fiction books
and want to get a good overview
on different techniques and ways to become a more calm person
then this book might be great for you
just don't expect too much of it.

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