28 February 2017

Book Haul: February was a good month

It's the end of February and in the last two weeks a nice number of books moved into my home. February was a good month for me, a lot of authors I like published new books and this makes me very happy and excited. 

The first book I bought is "Pucked Off" by Helena Hunting, I already read this contemporary romance and you can find my review here.

Then I bought books #1-3 in the Key trilogy by Nora Roberts. Before I owned them in the German translation with boring covers, now I own the pretty versions by Berkley with my beloved rough-cut pages. In the last days I reread the trilogy (still love it), which was to be expected. 

I listened to the audio book version of "Liebe ist was für Idioten. Wie mich." and absolutely loved it. The book is an edgy and very emotional YA contemporary, it's one of the best books in this genre I've read in the last years, so of course I had to have my own print copy.

"Das Institut der letzten Wünsche" has the potential to break my heart because it's about an institute that tries to fulfil last wishes by dying people (I will cry so badly!!!). There's a romance and I fear that one important character in the story will die. I usually stay away from stories like that, but something strong is drawing me to this novel. 

I also bought "Replica" by Lauren Oliver. The first two books I read by the author didn't work for me, however I'm still interested in her novels. Hopefully this time I will love my reading experience. I don't know a lot about what is going on in "Replica" and for once I enjoy this. 

I borrowed three German books from a family member, all are non-fiction and the books were published by Büchergilde Gutenberg, they often design special covers that appeal to me.

Das Kapital des Staates - Mariana Mazzucato

Most of the following books were preorders. January wasn't that exciting for me when it came to new releases, however that changed completely in February. Some highly anticipated books were published and I can't wait to read them in March. 

Marked in Flesh - Anne Bishop (Urban Fantasy, so far one of the best series I've ever read, finally out in paperback)

Heartless - Marissa Meyer (love this UK paperback. I'm excited for the story even though everything surrounding "Alice in Wonderland" isn't my kind of thing. Btw, the upcoming book by Meyer sounds amazing)

We are okay - Nina LaCour  (this book has the potential to break my heart + I love novels by Nina LaCour)

By your side - Kasie West (I'm hoping for a sweet and entertaining YA romance)

The one thing - Marcy Lyn Curtis (YA contemporary, let's hope that nobody dies, can't wait to find out how the "miracle" works)

Happy Reading!


  1. What a great haul! I love this cover of Heartless, I had never seen it.

    1. I love this version, I first discovered it on the blog Miss Bookiverse. After seeing it last year I decided to wait until February to finally buy and get the book. Now I'm of course hoping that I will enjoy the book enough to keep it on my shelves.

      Happy Reading!

  2. Rough-cut pages are so wonderful, whenever I see a book with them I'm more likely to buy it. I hope you love Marked in Flesh Sabrina, I thought it was awesome!

    1. Me too. I'm drawn to rough-cut pages like crazy, my family doesn't understand my obsession.

      Happy Reading!




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