12 February 2017

Book haul: familiar faces, already read, daring something + special editions

Let's talk about the books I bought in the last weeks. 

Bought as ebooks, audio books and from the library are the following three books. I already read them, reviewed two of them (here and here) and will add a review on #girlboss (didn't enjoy the book) to the blog in the next days. 
  • Hold back the stars - Katie Khan (audio book)
  • Good boy - Sarina Bowen / Elle Kennedy (ebook)
  • #girlboss - Amaroso (from my local library, ebook)

Next I bought some print books. "Echoes in Death" was a preorder, "Calm" and "Resistance is futile" were bought rather spontaneously when I saw them in a local bookstore. I already read and reviewed "Echoes in Death" (here), a review on "Calm" will follow in the next days. "Calm" was a nice book, that didn't offer as much as I was hoping for. 

And then I bought three books I'm a bit unsure about. I already read two books by Schwab that weren't perfect for me, I still want to give "This savage song" a chance because I loved the excerpt. I also loved the except of "Caraval" and bought the book even though I struggled with magical realism in the past (read more on that here). And "City of saints and thieves" is a YA thriller, something I don't read that often, however the setting in Kenya interests me and the book description sounds fascinating, so I'm going to give the story a try. 

The last four books in this book haul are books I have already read some time ago. I wanted to have the books in special, pretty editions, so I bought them. 

I love the UK hardcover editions of "My true love gave to me", it looks so pretty with the pink pages and the cover design. Plus this book and the companion "Summer days & summer nights" look stunning together. 

And the three Berkley editions with rough-cut pages of books by Nora Roberts also look amazing on my shelves and make me happy.

Happy Reading!


  1. I also struggle with magical realism but Caraval is fantastic! I loved it SO MUCH and really found it to be more fantasy than magical realism anyway. I hope you love all your new books and have a great week!

    Here's my Weekly Recap!

    1. Yay, your comment makes me even more excited and hopeful about "Caraval". I have a good feeling about the book and can't wait to read it soon.

      Happy Reading!




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