12 February 2017

A thousand letters - Staci Hart | an intense + emotional contemporary romance inspired by Persuasion by Jane Austen

inspired by Jane Austen's "Persuasion"
contemporary romance
a book I was super excited for 
because "Persuasion" is one of my favourite books
and I love other novels by Staci Hart
for example "Wasted Words"
the story is set in New York
years ago Elliot and Wade were planning their future together
but then she couldn't answer his ultimatum with yes
and they broke up
now he is back in New York
because his father is dying
a man Elliot loves like a father herself
and for the first time in years
they are forced to spend time with each other
which leads to Elliot and Wade thinking about their past
and future
this story turned out to be very emotional
a story that made me cry
and it broke my heart several times
the love story is very intense
and because poems play an important role in the lives of both main characters
their thoughts often felt like short poems
packed with emotions
at times I was missing some lighter moments
some pages here and there to let me breath again
to relax
I would have loved to see Elliot working in "Wasted Words"( a bookstore) more often
would have loved to see her interact with friends and colleagues
because these scenes were missing
I sometimes struggled to get into a good reading flow
the story felt too heavy at times
at least for my taste
the male persepctive "A thousand letters" offered
made me think about Captain Wentworth's role in "Persuasion"
I had to rethink some of his reasons for being angry
and that was a fascinating process for me
the main characters in "A thousand letters" were at times deeply flawed
I liked that
they needed to finally decide who they want to be
and act like it
I enjoyed seeing their development
the epilogue was ok
but I was honestly hoping for something more
something different
overall "A thousand letters" is an intense contemporary romance
which made me feel a lot
and which will stay in my heart + brain for a long time
some lighter scenes were missing to create a better balance
between intense moments and relaxed ones
still I enjoyed reading this novel
and definitely plan to read the next book by Staci Hart.

Germany has so much more to offer than beer, Wurst (Bratwurst) and Schloss Neuschwanstein
please don't limit your culinary and cultural experiences to those things
if you should ever visit my home country. 

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