19 January 2017

The Graces - Laure Eve (I struggle with unreliable characters)

#1 in the The Graces series
young adult thriller (?) with paranormal elements (witches)
another book I did not finish
before buying this book I checked out some reviews
they were very mixed
I read an excerpt
and enjoyed it 
so I bought a copy
but unfortunately the book didn't work for me in the long run
I couldn't connect with River
the main character
I pretty much didn't like her from the get go
it was clear to me that she was bad news
so the twist at the ending didn't surprise me that much
when I read a fiction book
I want to like the main characters
and also struggle with unreliable narrators
so this was an issue that was hard to ignore
while reading the book
I never forgot that it's just a story
even though I enjoyed the author's writing style
in general characters were missing some depth
and not everything made sense
after page 100 I started skipping pages here and there
I don't plan to go on with the series. 

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