01 January 2017

Passenger - Alexandra Bracken (something is missing)

young adult fantasy with time traveling
this is a book that should have been perfect for me
it looks beautiful
plus the plot sounds fascinating and fresh
in the past I read one other book by Alexandra Bracken
I liked it
but something was missing to make me fall in love with it
and now "Passenger"
I started the book full of hope and excitement
but then quickly realized
that nothing that happened interested me
that nothing was wrong with the characters, writing style or world building
but that it just wasn't for me
I would love to explain what was missing from the story
to make me fall in love with it
but I can't pinpoint it
if you like YA fantasy
then I would still give this book a try
or at least check out the plot and an excerpt
maybe it will be something for you.

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