11 January 2017

New releases I'm interested in: January to March 2017

Let's talk about upcoming releases that sound and look amazing. I love new releases, but I'm no longer completely crazy about them. Older books are just as great and interesting. But of course I always have a small list of new releases that I'm interested in, for the first three months in 2017 the following books are in my list.


Echoes in Death - JD Robb
Already preordered, a must for me. I hate scary masks, so this case is going to be a hard one for me.

Etched in Bone - Anne Bishop 
The final book in The Others series, one of my favourite paranormal / UF series ever, so this is another must. 

We are okay - Nina LaCour 
"Hold Still" and "Everything leads to you" by Nina LaCour are two of my favourite YA contemporary novels, Nina LaCour's way to create characters and stories is wonderful, very rich and full of emotions. Her newest book looks and sounds amazing, that's why my copy is already preordered. 

By your side - Kasie West
Another preorder, I usually enjoy Kasie West's light-hearted YA romances and I'm sure that "By your side" will be another lovely book.

Heartless - Marissa Meyer (UK Version)
I love the UK Version of Heartless (discovered on Miss Bookiverse) and even though I heard some pretty mixed things about the book in the last weeks, I'm still very excited to read the story. 

Things I should have known - Claire LaZebnik
A book about two sisters and love, YA books by Claire LaZebnik have been very entertaining for me in the past, so of course I'm interested in her new one. 

The white road of the moon - Rachel Neumeier
Neumeier's books are always special, she creates fascinating, foreign worlds I can believe in and tells her stories in a beautiful way. And her latest book got a stunning cover, so of course I need to buy and read it.

The silver gate - Kristin Bailey
Back when Kristin Bailey was still writing books as Jess Granger I already was a fan of her novels, now she writes YA and middle grade instead of adult novels and her newest book sounds like a wonderful fairy tale, it also looks stunning.

Hold back the stars - Katie Khan
A love story set in space with only 90min of air left for the two main characters. How can this work? I have no idea but plan to find out soon.

New York, Actually - Sarah Morgan
Hopefully this will be a nice and charming contemporary romance. 

You're welcome, universe - Whitney Gardner
Graffitis as a way to "communicate" and the life of one very special girl, plus an absolutely stunning cover. All this makes me very excited to get and read the book. 

Wires and Nerve - Marissa Meyer
Manga and comics are usually not something I enjoy, but the story is by Marissa Meyer, so of course I have to get and read it. 

Strange the dreamer - Laini Taylor
I like the author's special writing style, however struggled a bit with her plots in the past. Still I want to give her newest book a chance and will at least read an excerpt. 

The dark days pact - Alison Goodman
Book #2 in a historical duology by the author of "Eon" and "Eona". History meets fantasy meets secrets meets adventure, is how I would described the world Alison Goodman created. Book #1 was at first a bit slow for me, however in the end I enjoyed it a lot. 

Caraval - Stephanie Garber
This story is everywhere right now and it's getting compared to "Night Circus". I struggled a bit with the story and world in "Night Circus" but I still plan to at least read an excerpt of "Caraval", because special books should always get at least one chance.


Gravity - Lauren Runow
From the synopsis: "Spanning over twenty years—it’s raw, it’s real, asking the question if soul mates really exist." Plus Rock Bands.

Good boy - Sarina Bowen + Elle Kennedy
This is one of the books in 2017 I'm most excited for. The book will be out in a few days and still it feels like an eternity. I just know that this book will be perfect for me, it will make me smile a lot, lough out loud constantly and feel everything deeply. I loved Blake, the male main character, in "Us" and can't wait to get his story. And of course I want more of Jamie and Wes.

Exposed - Rhonda Pollero
I read and enjoyed the FAT series by Rhonda Bolero, so of course her new mystery is a must for me.

Pucked off - Helena Hunting
Another book I'm very excited about, but also nervous. I love the Pucked series, but don't know if Lance will work for me as the hero of the story. We will see.


Up to this pointe - Jennifer Longo
This sounds like it's going to be a special and emotional story about a ballerina who worked hard, but couldn't achieve her dreams. YA. 

The one thing - Marci Lyn Curtis
Another YA book, this time about seeing things you shouldn't be able to see. I'm not sure what to exactly expect from this story, but it sounds like it will touch me deeply. 

Das Institut der letzten Wünsche - Antonia Michaelis
A German book about last wishes before you die and love, I'm sure that this story will make me cry a lot. 

Marked in flesh - Anne Bishop
For over a year I have been waiting for this paperback to appear, now I can't wait to get my hands on the greatness Anne Bishop created with this series. 

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