24 January 2017

Made you up - Francesca Zappia (what is real?)

young adult contemporary
with a main character who has schizophrenia and paranoia 
the first time I saw this book online
I fell in love with its cover
but once I read the plot
I was hesitant about getting the book
because I prefer reading about topics like mental illness
in non-fiction books
but I just couldn't forget about "Made you up"
so I finally got and read it
I loved the author's writing style
and could see Alex, the main character,
as a real person
I was always interested in the new developments in her life
and felt a lot when reading about her
I was impressed by how the author
handled the mental illness
nothing was whitewashed
at first I struggled a bit with Alex being an unreliable narrator
because of her illness
but after a while it was pretty easy to figure out
what was really there
who really existed 
and who didn't
however not everything in the story worked for me
I struggled with Miles
the boy Alex is interested in
I couldn't see him as a real person
his story was just a bit too unbelievable
I also had issues with some of the stuff he did at school
and some of the side characters needed more depth
especially the adults
plus two story lines within the book were just too dramatic und over the top for my taste
they took away space from what was really important
they made the book longer than it needed to be
and I wanted some more answers at the ending
for example what happened with college
did Alex manage to go?
so yes, I have some mixed thoughts about the book
I'm still happy that I read it
because it made me feel a lot
and left a lasting impression on me
I plan to read Zappia's next YA book
once it's out later this year
because it sounds and looks amazing
and I also want to give her free serial
a try. 

Happy Reading!


  1. It sounds like Zappia did a commendable job portraying schizophrenia in this one, which is great because I think it's a mental illness that is often misrepresented. Too bad that the romance angle didn't work as well for you though - and boo for one dimensional YA parents!

    1. Of course I can't be completely sure if the portray of schizophrenia is correct because I have no personal experiences with the illness, but it felt real and honest.

      Happy Reading!

  2. I've had this book on my radar for a long while but haven't committed to buying yet (mostly because it seems to have only been released in the US as far as I can see) but it sounds like the author does a good job of writing a diverse book with realistic characters. I always worry authors won't write characters with mental illness well so the fact that you got used to Alex's POV and could realise what was real and not is very impressive. It sucks some of the secondary characters needed work but it was a debut, right? I think there's room for improvement from the author so I'll check out her next release.

    1. Yes, I think it was her debut novel. I'm very excited to see how book #2 by the author will compare to "Made you up", I hope that it's going to be stronger. Should that be the case, then the novel could be amazing.

      Happy Reading!

      Happy Reading!




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