13 January 2017

Liebe ist was für Idioten. Wie mich. - Sabine Schoder (an amazing German book)

translated: Love is something for idiots. Like me.
YA contemporary 
romance + coming of age + family issues
a few weeks ago I asked for recommendations on my German book blog
I finally wanted to get back into reading more books written in German
one of the recommended books was this one
and wow, what an emotional and fantastic reading experience the story gave me
beginning to end I felt everything that was going on deeply
some passages were hard to stomach
so painful and even cruel
but there were also lighter moments full of happiness
funny moments
sweet moments
the ending made me cry
thank goodness the author decided to give her characters a good ending
they deserved it
this is a young adult book that deals with some serious topics
the author doesn't shy away from the reality of being a teen
of having sex
of trying out things that might not be healthy for you
I loved the voice the author gave her main character
so strong and real
with the kind of humour that not everyone will like
but I love
this book is one of the best I recently read
a YA book that at first didn't sound that special
but it is
special, wonderful, emotional, real and just great. 

Dear foreign publishers: Please look at this book, buy the rights and translate it. It's amazing!

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