05 January 2017

Hard Hitter - Sarina Bowen (better than expected)

sports romance 
I was pretty disappointed by Rookie Move, the first book in this series
the romance didn't work for me
and I wasn't interested in the female main character
and still I decided to give the series a second chance
and overall "Hard Hitter" worked for me better than "Rookie Move" did
I liked both Ari and Patrick as main characters
and I could believe in the emotions between them
their romance touched me
but there were also some thing that bothered me
the story surrounding Ari's ex was just a bit too unbelievable
I guess it was added for some drama and thrill
but it just didn't work for me
and then the fights during games
in the book it sounds as if there is at least one fight every game
this sounded a bit overstated
it's more like one fight per three games
and yes, when small things like that bother me
it's clear that the book was not perfect for me
but it also wasn't a bad reading experience
more like ok to nearly good
I might even give book three in the series a chance
even though this series has been so far a step backwards
compared to the first three books in the Ivy Years series. 


  1. Not sure I would continue if the first two books were not that good, with so many great books out there from authors I already love. What sports is this about?

    1. It's about hockey. I'm thinking about giving the series a third chance because of my great experience with books by Sarina Bowen in the past. If not for that I would have stopped after the first book.

      Happy Reading!




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