16 January 2017

Full blodded - Amanda Carlson (not my world)

Urban Fantasy
first book in the Jessica McClain series
Jessica is the first female werewolf
and many see her as a threat
as a bad omen
and so begins a fight for her life
and the future of her werewolf pack
a few years ago 
I read a lot paranormal / UF books
and enjoyed most of them
but this has changed
now I'm pretty picky about paranormal stories
now I often struggle with believing in the paranormal worlds 
that authors create
Full Blooded was an ok book
nothing really annoyed me
and I thought that the writing style made it easy
to get into a good reading flow
unfortunately I didn't care that much about the characters
and their lifes
and once again I couldn't see the world of "Full Blooded"
as a real world
so this was another ok paranormal book
I'm getting used to books of this genre
no longer being perfect for me
I don't plan to go on with the series. 


  1. I had similar thoughts! I read a lot of UF and really enjoy it, but this one didn't strike my fancy. There wasn't enough world building and I thought it was kind of over the top the way that everyone reacted to Jess's love life!

    1. It's getting harder and harder for me to enjoy UF novels, which honestly frustrates me. One exception is The Others series by Anne Bishop, I love everything about it.

      Happy Reading!




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