07 January 2017

Best + most disappointing books read in 2016

It's finally time to talk about my favourite books read in 2016 and about the books who disappointed me. I read a lot, so both lists are pretty long. Prepare yourself and get something to drink.

The pictures show my favourite books of 2016, the links will lead you to reviews here on the blog and the websites of the authors.

Favourite books

Liebe ist was für Idioten. Wie mich. - Sabine Schoder (German book): Emotional, brutally honest, but also entertaining, with characters full of flaws. This story made me feel every emotion that exists, I loved it. Hope that there will be a English version one day. 

Books of a feather - Kate Carlisle: A lovely cozy mystery with charming characters. I love the whole series. 

Managed - Kristen Callihan: Entertaining, sexy and made me excited for more books in the series.

Imprudence - Gail Carriger: Like all books by Carriger very charming and entertaining, loved the adventure and the special characters. 

Hello, goodbye and everything in between - Jennifer E. Smith: Short, emotional and entertaining, touched me deeply. Felt real. Loved the second prologue at the ending. 

The war that saved my life - Kimberly Brubaker Bradley: Made me cry and laugh, such an emotional an beautiful book set in the second world war. 

Night Owls - Jenn Bennett: A fast-paced story, graffitis and so much fun, a wonderful YA romance. Loved the author's writing style and her way to create characters. I need to read more by her.

Undecided - Juliana Keyes: A sexy and entertaining NA romance (no love triangle!), had such a good reading experience with this one. 

Apprentice in Death - JD Robb: Thrilling, also loved the lighter moments, the ending is pure gold. 

Nice girls don't ride - Roni Loren: Another very entertaining NA romance that made me swoon, the ending was a bit abrupt, other than that I loved the story. 

Midnight at Tiffany's - Sarah Morgan: I loved this short novella, the love at first sight scenario (maybe second) worked for me perfectly. 

Illuminae - Kaufman + Kristoff: A book that deserved most of the hype that it got. Loved the different text formats and the story kept me on my toes. 

Sweet little lies - Jill Shalvis: A beautiful contemporary romance, loved all of the characters and their relationships. 

Books in the Pucked series (hereherehere und here) - Helena Hunting: So funny and entertaining, made me lough out loud several times, also very sexy and crazy. Some might find some parts of the books vulgar, I love the humour and sexy times/talks in the series.  

Sense of Deception - Victoria Laurie: Thrilling and charming, love this light mystery series. 

Harmonic Feedback - Tara Kelly: So special and emotional, made me feel a lot, made me cry, smile and laugh. Sadness and hope. I even loved the tears. I need more YA books by Tara Kelly. 

Destiny, Rewritten - Kathryn Fitzmaurice: A beautiful adventure, loved the author's writing style. A story about family and friendship. 

Every Word - Ellie Marney: Thrilling, at times hard, real. This is my favourite Sherlock Holmes inspired YA series. 

Wasted Words - Staci Hart: A modern romance inspired by "Emma", books and readers have a special place in the story. Loved the two main characters with my whole heart, the big sorry at the ending is the best.

Vision in Silver - Anne Bishop: So far each book in this series has been brilliant. The characters, world building and plot development couldn't be any better. A harsh world, but also full of beauty. A must for fans of paranormal series.  

The Obsession - Nora Roberts: The kind of romantic suspense I love. Thrilling and charming at the same time, loved the characters and their romance.  

Us - Sarina Bowen + Elle Kennedy: OMG, this book has a special place in my heart. It makes me constantly smile and laugh, the romance is full of emotions and Blake is the kind of character that makes everything better. I have reread the book already several times, need I say more?

Kindred Spirits - Rainbow Rowell: A beautiful short YA story that will stay with me forever. Themes are coming of age and the different roles we have in different environments. 

The game plan - Kristen Callihan: A perfect NA sports romance. Sexy, engagingly written and charming. I love this series.  

Brotherhood in Death - JD Robb: A brutal case for everyone involved, it may sound weird, but I love going through hard times with Eve. 

Snow like ashes - Sara Raasch: One of the only fantasy novels of the last years that I enjoyed. Loved the world the author created, very fascinating.

More good books (maybe not favourite books, but still worth a mention)

A natural history of dragons - Marie Brennan

Charming writing style, special characters and beings. Reminded me a bit of the books by Gail Carriger which is a big plus for me. I'm excited to go on with the series. Don't expect a typical romance.

Desperate Measures - Staci Hart: A bit too short, but so sexy and hilarious. Would love to read more about the two main characters. 

Rook - Daniel O'Malley: Loved the world building and characters, the story itself was maybe a few pages too long. 

Miss Charity - Marie-Aude Murail: Loved the beautiful writing style and the unique characters, the romance wasn't my favourite, but the rest was great. 

Summer Days and Summer Nights - Nina LaCour, Stephanie Perkins, Brandy Colbert, Jennifer E. Smith: Four of the 12 short stories were amazing, the rest wasn't for me.

Books that disappointed me

In 2016 I read quiet a number of books I expected to be entertaining, fresh, brilliant and perfect for me, but who instead were rather underwhelming, who didn't meet my expectations, these are the books I want to talk about now. 

Btw, most books are books well liked by other readers, so please don't be offended if I didn't enjoy one of your favourites. I know that it's painful, but please keep in mind that different opinions on books make the book world so interesting.

A promise of fire - Amanda Bouchet: I know that many readers love this fantasy romance (is that even a thing?), but I had some big issues with the romance, the male main character and some other things. 

Rookie Move + Bittersweet - Sarina Bowen: I loved other books by the author in the past (Ivy Years 1-3, Him + Us), but struggled with her new contemporary romances from 2016. I didn't feel a lot when reading the books, minor things annoyed me, characters didn't interest me, plots made me shake my head. 

The hating game - Sally Thorne: No chemistry between the characters combined with feeling no warm emotions when reading this romance made me sad. 

Wanderlust - Jen Malone: An ok YA romance, but publishers shouldn't have mentioned books by Stephanie Perkins in the "for readers who like" section. Thought that the female main character lacked some depth. 

Demon Road - Derek Landy: Too much show, not enough logical content. 

Brown-eyed girl - Lisa Kleypas: An annoying heroine and a plot I didn't like. 

Cream of the Crop + Nuts - Alice Clayton: In the past I loved books by Clayton for their humour, witty conservations and charm, I couldn't find enough of these three elements in her latest books. 

First star I see tonight - Susan Elizabeth Phillips: A hero I strongly disliked (hated some of his yucky thoughts) and a plot that was just a bit too absurd and dramatic at times. 

Out of bounds - RS Grey: Another author whose books no longer contain the amount of charme, wit and humour I want from romances. Plus I like her main characters less and less. 

The rest of us just live here - Patrick Ness: Fascinating idea for a book, the execution of it was lacking, not enough depths and details.

Appealed - Emma Chase: An ok romance, many readers love the books by Chase, I can't see their appeal. 

Moonshot - Alessandra Torre: Absurd, overly dramatic, unlikable characters. Sorry, but this book really didn't work for me. 

The problem with forever - Jennifer L. Armentrout: Something is missing from the books by the author to make me care about what is going on, characters and story left me cold. 

You know me well - Nina LaCour + David Levithan: The books by Nina LaCour are usually beautiful, strong and full of heart, this work together with another author was missing her usual strengths. 

Carry me home - Rosalind James: What a weird romantic suspense book, an unbelievable plot and unlikable characters made it hard for me to enjoy the story. 

In the middle of somewhere & Out of nowhere - Roan Parrish: The first romance was nice and nearly good, but I still didn't feel as much as I wanted to. Book #2 was hard for me because I disliked one of the main characters and didn't want to read about him. 

Smut - Karina Halle: Ok, but too unbelievable and the romance didn't touch my heart. 

The square root of summer - Harriet Reuter Hapgood: Sounded way more interesting than it turned out to be.

A study in Charlotte - Brittany Cavallaro: A Sherlock Holmes inspired YA book that sounded and looked great, however delivered a story I couldn't believe in. I also wasn't a fan of how some series topics were handled.

The frog prince - Jane Porter: Such an annoying main character, enough said. 

Troublemaker - Linda Howard: Suspense ok, romantic unfortunately a flop.  

Emmy & Oliver - Robin Benway: Love the cover, however I couldn't connect to the characters and their stories. 

A thousand boy kisses - Tillie Cole: The plot wasn't on I enjoyed, the ending didn't work for me as a happy ending.

Visions - Kelley Armstrong: I don't like all of the plot developments since book #2 in the series, makes me sad because I loved the first book. 

Burn for me - Ilona Andrews: Another author (duo) I loved in the past but no longer works for me. Pretty much all of the storylines from the last years didn't appeal to me, plus the characters of the authors no longer fascinate me.

The distance from A to Z - Natalie Blatt: Annoying main character and overall a story that sounded better than it was. 

Siege and Storm - Leigh Bardugo: I unfortunately didn't care about what was going on with the characters, never a good sign. 

Which books made your year 2016 memorable?

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