01 January 2017

Austin - Linda Lael Miller (reread + disappointed)

#13 in the McKettricks series
contemporary romance 
while rearranging my book shelves a few weeks ago
I started wondering about "Austin"
should the book stay on my shelves?
or could I let it go?
I decided to reread this modern cowboy romance
and was pretty surprised
by how much I disliked the male main character Austin
he's the kind of hero that drives me crazy
a character who acts like an ass
instead of talking about what is going on
about his thoughts, issues and fears
plus the heroine annoyed me with her constant
"oh, he broke my heart, but he's still so hot"
I'm over that
I no longer care about characters like that
I want the main characters in romances to be stronger and smarter than that
plus the storyline was a bit too unbelievable for my taste
so no, "Austin" is no longer on my book shelves
it was time for the book to leave me
and yes
it's fascinating to see
how my taste in books
has changed regarding some character traits.

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