16 January 2017

Amplified - Tara Kelly (young adult books by Tara Kelly are great!)

young adult / coming of age / music plays an important role
this is the second book by Tara Kelly I read
and it's the second one I loved
last year I read "Harmonic Feedback" 
and it was one of my favourite books of 2016
and now "Amplified"
contemporary YA with an edge
emotional and full of life
with characters I can see as real people
after high school Jasmine wants one year for herself
for her music
then she is ready to go to college
to once again follow her father's plans
but her father isn't willing to give her this one year
so all of a sudden Jasmine is on her own
without a place to stay
needing to find a job
she didn't expect finding new friends
and a band
from the first pages on I knew that the book would be great for me
as soon as I started reading it I was in the zone
had a great time
and could believe in everything that was going on
Tara Kelly is an author who creates stories that stay with me
so yes, "Amplified" was a great book for me
next I want to read Tara Kellys YA mystery
"The foxglove killings"
and "Encore"
which continues the story of "Amplified".


  1. I read this one ages ago so I can't remember much, but what I do recall is that I loved how realistically things played out between Jasmine and Sean (even though it was painful). It was a pretty risky way to end the book but I thought it was perfect.

    1. I agree, the ending was just right. I'm excited and a bit nervous to see what Tara Kelly did with the relationship in "Encore".

      Happy Reading!




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