15 January 2017

All the birds in the sky - Charlie Jane Anders (did not finish)

All the birds in the sky
fantasy (?) / magic plays a role
two children
one might be a witch
the other is a genius at science
they meet as teens
become friends
and a wondrous journey begins
an adventure that no one saw comings
secrets, inventions, power, magic, love, betrayal
the book sounded so good
imaginative and special
but I only read up until page 100
because I didn't care about the characters
and what was happening with them
that's why all of the crazy developments just seemed weird to me
and not fascinating
the plot didn't seem to develop naturally
things seemed a bit constructed at times
after page 100 I had enough
readers who feel a stronger connection to the characters
might think differently about the book
but for me it wasn't a perfect fit. 

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