20 January 2017

Aerie - Maria Dahvana Headley (what will happen with Magonia?)

#2 in the Magonia duology
fantasy, young adult
I loved "Magonia"
the first book in the duology
which started as an emotional contemporary ya story
but then turned into a fascinating fantasy
set in a vibrant world I loved
book #2 continued what started in Magonia
Aerie is
left me breathless
at times I was hoping for a better balance
between action and quiet moments
surprised me several times
the story fit perfectly to what was started in Magonia
the book gave all characters more depth
and made me feel a lot
when I compare Aerie to Magonia
then Magonia is still my favourite out of the two
however Aerie was a good book
that gave the duology a fitting ending
not a perfect one without any open questions
but still a fitting one
 maybe not every reader
will be able to believe in the world Headley created
in Magonia
I definitely want to read more by the author
and I'm already excited for
"The Mere Wife".


  1. You make this series sound so awesome! I haven't read Magonia yet, but I definitely need to put it on my TBR now, because I love the sound of the setting.

    1. I hope you will enjoy the duology, should you end up reading it. Magonia itself as a world did not work for every reader, but it definitely did work for me.

      Happy Reading!

  2. This sounds absolutely AWESOME! Great cover as well!

    1. I think both covers are fantastic and of course I love that they actually fit to the content of the books.

      Happy Reading!




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