05 January 2017

2016 + 2017

Hello 2017, hello dear fellow readers. Let's look back and forward, let's get ready for another amazing reading year. 

In 2016 I

  • read only when I was in the mood to read and it felt great
  • stopped believing in reading slumps, what a relieve
  • was a bit more careful when buying books
  • managed to sort out my wish lists once
  • managed to keep my TBR pile at a size that feels good to me
  • stopped counting books
  • had a lot of fun with many of the books I read
  • realized that contemporary romance is still my favourite genre
  • enjoyed writing blog posts about all the books I read
  • sorted out some more books
  • had a lot of fun

In 2017 I

  • plan to continue with many things I did in 2016 (wish lists, TBR pile size, how, where and how many books I'm buying, reading books shortly after I got them, etc.)
  • want to continue to use my local library
  • want to be more careful when buying ebooks, in 2016 I read too many really bad ones
  • want to continue to be relaxed about reading, it's a hobby I love, but it's not my only hobby
  • want to focus on the genres I love, but from time to time try out books outside my comfort zone
  • want to have fun with my blog
  • want to continue to be a happy and relaxed reader

What about your 2016 + 2017?


  1. Sounds a lot less stressful. Glad 2016 was a good reading year for you and hope 2017 is amazing to you.

    1. Hope that your reading year will be amazing as well.

      Happy Reading!

  2. Go you! Just do what you want and it will be good :) I still keep collecting book, but perhaps this will be the year that I read more than I buy.

    1. Great! I'm doing something similar mainly only buying books I really really want and be more picky. There's not enough reading time to read that books! Happy new year!

    2. So true, that's why I stopped buying way more books than I could read. In the end I had way too many books on my TBR pile that I was no longer interested in and that sucked.

      Hope that 2017 will be a fantastic year for you.

    3. Aurian: That's something I also believe in. Not following blindly what others are doing is always a good idea.

      May 2017 bring you lots of joy.

  3. "was a bit more careful when buying books"

    Oh, man. Yes. That should be my resolution for this year!

    1. It may sound strange for a book lover to be happy about something like that, but it lead to me being less frustrated with the books I read and that made me a happier reader.

      Btw, the last book I bought was the lovely UK hardcover edition of "Summer Days & Summer Nights", a book I'm very happy to finally own.

      Happy Reading (and writing!).




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