15 December 2016

These Vicious Masks - Shanker + Zekas

young adult historical fantasy
#1 in the These Vicious Masks series
a story in the style of Jane Austen
but with characters with special powers
that's how the book is marketed
"Jane Austen meets X-Men"
of course this description appealed to me
a lot
my reading experience was overall a good one
I liked the writing style
it made it easy to get lost in the story
the historical setting was interesting
but it's definitely not the best I have met in books
it's definitely not comparable to what Jane Austen and Co. created
the element with the special powers was fascinating
however I wanted to know more about them
more details and explanations about their source
the characters were lacking some depth
and I had trouble with connecting to them
still I enjoyed meeting them
so yes, my reading experience was a good one
but it could have been better
I'm not sure if I will be going on with the series. 

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