15 December 2016

The Reader - Traci Chee

young adult fantasy
#1 in the Sea of Ink and Gold series
I listened to the audio book version
and enjoyed how the narrator presented the story
a world in which books are rare
a reason to be hunted and killed
a story told by various POVs
I loved the beginning of the story
I especially loved Sefia's voice
would have loved to have her as the only POV
I struggled with one other POV
so not all characters were perfect for me
the whole pirate storyline wasn't one I enjoyed
in my opinion it didn't fit to the rest of the story
at times the world building was fascinating
at times I was skeptical about it
I couldn't believe in everything that made the world
the way it was
will I go on with the series?
right now I'm not sure about it
if you like fantasy ya books
and books about books
then "The Reader" might be worth a try. 

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