05 December 2016

The one real thing - Samantha Young

#1 in the Hart's Boardwalk series 
contemporary romance
I listened to the audio book version
and loved the beginning of the story
I enjoyed reading about Jessica
and was excited to join her on her journey to Hartwell
once there I still enjoyed the plot
plus the setting and new characters
however I struggled a bit with Cooper
the male main character
and the plot surrounding the family of Cooper's ex-best friend
is one that didn't appeal to me
I fear that they will play a prominent part
in the next books of the series
and that is holding me back
the romance was ok
but not my favourite
overall I liked the book
but also struggled with some parts
right now I'm not sure
if I will be going on with the series
I will at least check out book #2
once it's out in 2017.

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