08 December 2016

The geeks's guide to unrequited love - Sarvenaz Tash

young adult contemporary
coming of age with a touch of romance
main topics are friendship, family and being a geek
I read a copy of the German version I got from my local library
I loved the sound of this book
plus the covers, both the US and German one, look very appealing
I expected to have a lot of fun with this story about unrequited love
and yes, the original title includes a pretty big spoiler
about how the possible romance will end
my reading experience was overall a good one
but I also had some issues
the author's writing style made it easy to follow what was going on
the characters were interesting
and I enjoyed experiencing Comic Con through the eyes of Graham
our main character
however I never felt as if I really knew the main characters
I didn't feel close to them
and both the story and characters were too easy to forget
once I was finished with the story. 

PS: The print on the table is by Iraville
I recently bought it. 

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