06 December 2016

Tell me three things - Julie Buxbaum

young adult
I listened to the audio book version
Jessie's whole life changed
she had to move
her dad married a woman she barely knows
she now lives in a fancy house
that doesn't feel like home
and her new school is not what she is used to
then someone starts mailing her
"somebody nobody"
and gives her tips about how to survive school
and for the first time in a long time
Jessie feels like there is someone she can trust
someone nice
but of course she starts to wonder who this mysterious person is
and if maybe he is the cute guy she met at school
I loved the premise of the book
it sounded cute and emotional at the same time
after listening to the story I have to say
that while I liked the book
I didn't love it
the story was predictable
which isn't something that usually bothers me
but this time it did
I wanted more focus on Jessie's relationship with her dad
wanted more depth for the characters
I thought that some things were handled a bit superficially
the romance was cute
and I liked that
but it wasn't enough to make me fall in love with the book
it wasn't enough to leave a lasting impression. 

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