23 December 2016

Recently read books that weren't perfect for me

Welcome to a post with short reviews on several ebooks I recently read / tried to read. Some I finished, some I didn't. None made me fall in love with the story, some frustrated me, some were a least a bit entertaining. Let's go.

Shameless - Gina Maxwell

I liked the writing style and the female main character. The whole stripper story line did not work for me and the male main character annoyed me a bit. So this was an ok book for me, I don't plan to continue with the series.

Beautiful Crazy - Kasey Lane

I once again liked the writing style, however couldn't connect to the characters. After about 50 pages I started skipping some passages and in the end did not finish the book. It just wasn't for me because I didn't care about what was going on.

The 4-hour week - Timothy Ferris

I don't understand why this book has so many positive reviews, why it's so hyped in certain parts of the internet. The author is the kind of person I don't like, constantly gaming the system, some may call it cheating, for personal gain. The content is not original and for most people just not practical. Reading this book, even the short part I did, was a waste of time. 

The love that split my world - Emily Henry

I'm not sure which genre this books fits in, it has a bit of everything. I love the cover and the plot sounded pretty cool and unique. After reading the first chapters I however quickly realized that the development of the story didn't work for me. And the ending is the kind of ending I struggle with. I enjoyed the author's writing style and her characters, so I might give another book by her a chance. 

Roses - G.R. / Rose Mannering

I had this book on my wish list for quite some time, I read a review that made the book sound exciting and special, but never read an excerpt of the story before buying the book. This was a mistake (of course it was!!!). 

As soon as I started reading the story, I realized that something about the writing style bothered me, something made it hard for me to feel connected, to get lost in the story. So after some pages I decided to not finish the book. I can't say anything bad about it, it just wasn't for me.

Big Time - KB Winter

When I think about this contemporary sports romance, I think about an at times unlikable male main character and several plot developments that made me shake my head. At least the author's writing style made it easy to read the book.

Happy Reading!

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