07 December 2016

Managed - Kristen Callihan

#2 in the VIP series
contemporary rock star romance
a few months ago I read "Idol"
book #1 in the series
I struggled with the book
and at first didn't plan on going on with the series
recently I decided to give the series a second chance
because I usually love the romances by Callihan
and I'm so happy about this decision
because "Managed" was everything I was hoping for
the story is very entertaining and also charming
I loved the two main characters
and their romance
the misunderstanding at the ending is one the story didn't need
but that's only a minor complain
this book strengthened my love for romances by Kristen Callihan
and it made me excited for more books in this series
and in Game On, her sports romance one
and it made me want to give "Idol" a second chance
I already started rereading the book
and the second time many things work so much better for me
I guess I needed some time
to get used to the rock star world and the characters
if you like entertaining, sexy and intense romances
then this book could be perfect for you. 


  1. oh lovely review!!! I actually liked Idol, it was just different and unique plot. But I can see I will love this one.

    1. True, I think the plot was a bit too different for me to fall in love with it while reading it for the first time. I read it a second time a few days ago and enjoyed it.

      Happy Reading!




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