15 December 2016

Four romances: Ex Games, Out of bounds, Pucking Beast + Snatched

Let's talk about three ebooks I read some days ago
all stories were easy to read
and easy to forget
all stories were bought spontaneously
when I was in the mood for some
quick and entertaining romances
I didn't expect masterpieces
and I didn't get them
still I don't regret buying the books
at least I got some hours of entertainment out of them.

Ex Games - Stella Rhys

even though the plot was not perfect for me
two exes pretending to be in love
to try to prevent a marriage
I enjoyed the first three quarters of the book
I liked reading about the characters
and could feel their sizzling chemistry
one plot development at the ending
didn't work for me at all
a betrayal was revealed
that I couldn't forgive
overall not a bad story
but also not one that will stay with me. 

Snatched - Harper James

new adult sports romances
entertaining while it lasted
but also easy to forget
once I finished reading the story
a pretty typical NA sports romance
which doesn't have to be a bad thing.

Out of bounds - Juliana Connors

new adult sports romance
with a plot
that was unbelievable and at times even ridiculous
and characters
that were missing a lot of depth
I wasn't interested in any of the characters
and didn't like them
so no, this was not a NA sports romance
I enjoyed a lot.

Pucking Beast - Colleen Masters

sports romance
second chance story
not my favourite kind of plot for a romance
so I wasn't sure if I would love the story
and in the end I didn't love my reading experience
however I also didn't hate it
I was entertained, at least at times
but struggled a bit with the main characters
and the drama at the ending.

Happy Reading!

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