08 November 2016

Wanderlost - Jen Malone

contemporary romance / coming of age
young adult
I read that this book should be great for fans of books by Stephanie Perkins
so buying + reading "Wanderlost" sounded like a great idea
overall I enjoyed the story
it's a mix of romance and coming of age
it's about a trip through Europe
that our heroine didn't want to go on
but is somewhat forced to make part of
it's about facing challenges
and finding strength in yourself
the story was mostly cute and entertaining
but couldn't fascinate me
I struggled with the heroine
at times she acted in a pretty childish way
I couldn't believe in the romance
at least not completely
and even though "Wanderlove" was nice and cute
it definitely did not give me the same special emotions
as the books by Stephanie Perkins do
that's why I was a bit disappointed in the story
I expected something more
something with more substance. 

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