16 November 2016

Thorn - Intisar Khanani

fantasy retelling of "The goose girl"
in the description of the book the connection to the fairy tale isn't mentioned
so I was pretty surprised when I realized while reading the story
that it was inspired by one of the fairy tales I grew up with
"The goose girl" 
is actually my favourite fairy tale
collected by the Brothers Grimm
I would have liked to know before buying the book
that it's a retelling
the cover of this book is absolutely stunning
I thought that this new version of "The goose girl" was interesting
even though not all fantasy elements worked for me perfectly
when I compare this story to the retellings by Marissa Meyer
then I think the ones by Meyer are more powerful and innovative
I enjoyed the authors writing style
but didn't love it
the same goes for the characters and world-building
overall I had a good reading experience
but not a great one
I think that fans of fantasy stories
could really enjoy this book
and don't worry
you don't need to know "The goose girl"
to read the book. 

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