12 November 2016

The war that saved my life - Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

middle grade historical
a emotional and heart-warming story
set in World War 2 
in England
a story about 
being there for each other
fighting for what you want 
finding your own strength
and trusting in other people
told from the perspective of an eleven year old girl
for whom the World War changes things for the better
because she finally gets the change to grow
because she is finally loved
I didn't expect much from the story
bought it on a whim because it sounded good
and wow, the story blew me away
from the first sentences on my emotions were involved
I had to laugh and cry
I saw all of the characters as real people
could definitely see them living in England during the war
this book took me on an emotional journey
that I loved being on
I'm usually not the biggest fan of stories set in war
and still this time the setting was fascinating
I saw a side of World War 2
I didn't know much about before
and I appreciate it
after reading this book
I plan to check out more by the author
because she has a special voice
that hit me right in the heart
btw, the book is labeled as middle grade
but I'm not sure if children will really understand all
that is going on in the story. 

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