09 November 2016

The hating game + other ebooks (romances) I recently read that didn't work for me

In the past weeks I finally tackled my unread ebooks. While rereading the In Death series by JD Robb I continued to buy ebooks, but didn't read them. And then I one day realized that I had over 25 unread ebooks and that's exactly what I no longer want. So in the last weeks I finally read most of them. Unfortunately I realized that I should have looked more closely into the books (especially reading excerpts) before buying them, because most were pretty disappointing and I did not finish over half of the ebooks I recently read. 

In the future I plan to be more careful about the ebooks I buy, they might not be that expensive, but it still doesn't make any sense to buy a book that will frustrate me. I can do better than that. At first I planned to review all of the ebooks I read, but I honestly don't want to do that. Most of the books were forgettable or even annoyed me, so no, I don't want to think about them again. 

Not all of the books were bad, for example I had a good time with "Score on me" by Melody Heck Gatto. I also liked "For the win" by Amber Garza and might go on with the series. 

Another ebook I read is one that a lot of romance readers are talking about right now, it's "The hating game" by Sally Thorne. I had high hopes for the book but in the end never felt a good connection to the characters and their story, plus I personally didn't care about the main characters that much. Once again reading an excerpt of the book instead of just reading reviews would have prevented me from buying the book. Don't get me wrong, I heart reviews by other readers, but sometimes excerpts of the story are more helpful. And still I constantly forget to read them. 

Some more ebooks I read but didn't love
  • Fallen to far - Abbi Glines, all the drama drove me crazy
  • The darkest link - Scarlett Cole, didn't enjoy the plot and didn't like the hero
  • Time served - Julianna Keyes, weird reading experience, some parts I enjoyed, others I hated
  • Flirting with fire - Kate Meader, entertaining romance, but also very easy to forget
  • Fly with me - Chanel Cleeton, never managed to feel a connection to the story
  • Ignite + Smolder - Karen Erickson, had issues with the writing style and characters, not for me

I could go on with about ten more books that entertained me even less. So lesson hopefully and finally learned, I need to be more conscious about the ebooks I buy. 


  1. It's so easy to buy ebooks, especially when they are on sale, but unless it's free, I always try to read a sample before I one-click. I read The Hating Game and another hyped romance, Act Like It by Lucy Parker and I much preferred Act Like It. The Hating Game was okay, but the heroine annoyed me and seemed very immature given how much responsibility she had at work.

    1. I hadn't heard of "Act like it", but I will definitely check it out. Thanks for the recommendation. And yes, reading an excerpt is so easy with ebooks and still I tend to forget it.

      Happy Reading!




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