08 November 2016

Sunset in Central Park - Sarah Morgan

contemporary romance adult
#2 in the From Manhattan in Love trilogy
I enjoyed the first book in the series a lot
book #2 is the story of two long-time friends
who of course feel more for each other than friendship
but Frankie doesn't believe in romance
so she doesn't want to take another step in her relationship with Matt
but Matt knows what he wants
and he is willing to work on getting a chance with Frankie
I liked this book
it's mostly cute and happy
towards the end there is some drama
that didn't really fit to the rest of the story
I liked the romance
it was nice to see how Frankie and Matt made it work
however I always felt a certain distance 
between what was going on and me
my emotions were involved
but not as much as I wanted them to be
so "Sunset in Central Park"
was a nice book
but it was missing something to make me fall in love with it. 

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