30 November 2016

New books

I once again bought some new books over the last weeks. A few books I already owned but wanted to have in prettier versions (rough-cut pages!), but also new to me books from my wish list. And I bought two new bookmarks, because I love bookmarks and can't get enough of them. 

New books I already owned in different versions, all by Nora Roberts
Sea Swept
Rising Tides
Chesapeake Blue 
Tears of the Moon

I now have all four books in the Chesapeake Bay Saga in the new Berkley edition, now I plan to get some more from other series by Nora Roberts. 

These are my new bookmarks, both are by Sarah Mählen (website) bought via Dawanda which is like a German etsy.

I already own a lot of bookmarks, I use all of them regularly, so more bookmarks totally make sense. And I didn't have a personalized bookmark before, so there's that. 

New to me books
Full Blooded - Amanda Carlson
Sebastian - Anne Bishop
Voyage of the Basilisk - Marie Brennan
Carolina Home - Virginia Kantra
Mind over Murder - Alison Kingsley

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  1. Rough cut pages are life! Absolutely love your bookmark!




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