29 November 2016

Love, Lucy + Far from over - April Lindner

young adult / new adult
set in the summer before college starts + in the first semester
before Lucy has to study what her father wants
before she has to give up her dream of becoming an actress
she takes a trip through Europe
that ends in Italy
where Lucy loves life and meets cute musician Jesse
but what happens when the summer is over
when Lucy is back in the USA
and supposed to follow her father's dream
will love have a chance?
I enjoyed the part of the book that was set in Europe
I loved the atmosphere
and experiencing Italy through Lucy's eyes
places I have been myself in the past
I enjoyed the romance and liked most characters
the part that was set in the USA still worked for me
but I was missing the charme and humour from the first part of the story
overall I liked "Love, Lucy"
but didn't love it.

Far from over
companion novella to "Love, Lucy"
parts of the story from "Love, Lucy"
told from Jesse's POV
I have to say that this short companion story
was a bit of a let down
the parts I was really interested in
weren't dealt with
and after finishing "Far from over"
I didn't feel closer to Jesse
this short story didn't add anything special
to my reading experience from "Love, Lucy".


  1. Not a genre I read but I enjoyed the post

    1. Thanks! Contemporary YA is one of my favourite genres, I can't get enough of these books.

      Happy Reading!




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