14 November 2016

Hello, goodbye and everything in between - Jennifer E. Smith

young adult contemporary romance
it's the day before Clare and Aidan leave for college
then thousands of kilometers will separate them
Clare isn't sure if staying together makes sense
the last hours before they leave will have to bring a decision
Jeniffer E. Smith writes ya romances I care about
often with a little twist
that you don't see that often in ya books
I was a bit hesitant about this story
because I feared that Clare and Aidan would break up
but of course I should have trusted in Smith
she wrote this story just as it needed to be written
I loved reading about all of the characters
to me they were real people
topics are love, friendship, coming of age, feeling unsure,
dealing with family expectations
and change
all of these topics are handled in a heart-warming and beautiful way
the book is rather short and still just perfect
there's no epilogue
instead you get a second prologue
which may sound weird
but makes total sense after reading the book
the ending is pretty open
and still worked for me perfectly
ok, I would have loved to know what happened
to Stella and Scotty
but other than that the ending was just right
I had a great time with this book
and want to recommend it to all readers
who enjoy contemporary YA romances.

2017 brings "Windfall"
a new contemporary YA romance
by Jennifer E. Smith
the books sounds and looks 
absolutely amazing and special
I can't wait to read it. 

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