03 November 2016

Demon Road - Derek Landy

Young Adult Urban Fantasy
#1 in the Demon Road trilogy
I finally read a book by Derek Landy
and it might be my last
don't get me wrong
I had a good time with the story
it's fast-paced, full of action and crazy developments
it's full of interesting characters and easy to read
but I never managed to see the characters as real people (real demons)
I couldn't see what was going on as a possible reality
not everything was that logical
and both the story and the characters were missing some depth
while reading "Demon Road" I sometimes wondered
if the story was created with the goal to make a movie out of it
a fast-paced, action packed movie
that doesn't leave that much space for character development
I still had a good time with the story
but it's not one that's going to stay with me
I'm not going to miss the characters in a few months
so yes, the books by Derek Landy are fun
but not perfect for me.

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