09 November 2016

A thousand nights - E.K. Johnston

fantasy inspired by 1001 nights
one of the most beautiful books I ever held in my hands
above and underneath the dust jacket
pure perfection
the story itself made me a bit hesitant
because after reading and not enjoying "The Wrath and the Dawn" a few months ago
another story inspired by 1001 nights
I wasn't sure if I should give "A thousand nights" a try
but in the end I did
and even though the book wasn't perfect for me
I'm happy that I read the book
Johnston's writing style is elegant and beautiful
she made it easy to believe in the world she created 
and her characters
she made reading a joy
but I realized that the story the book is based on
is one I will never enjoy
the premise just doesn't appeal to me
and still I would recommend this book to other readers
who enjoy fantasy retellings
go, read an excerpt and if the 1001 nights plot appeals to you
then this book might give you a wonderful and special reading experience. 

Btw, if you like contemporary YA about serious topics
then "Exit, Pursued By A Bear" could appeal to you
for me the book sounds a bit to serious
but I plan to give Johnston's 2017 release
"That Inevitable Victorian Thing"
a try
later in 2016 "Spindle"
a companion to "A thousand nights" 
will be released
so good times for fans of Johnston's novels. 

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