16 November 2016

A promise of fire - Amanda Bouchet

fantasy romance
a book I heard so many great things on in the last months
so many readers raved about the book
and made me excited to give it a chance
even though the plot didn't sound that fascinating to me
a woman with a special power
she has to hide
because otherwise others will try to use and abuse her
a man who knows what she can do
and who wants to use her for his own gain
who will win?
I started reading this book with the hope
that the story, world and characters would blow me away
but that didn't happen
I started reading and after a few pages realized
that I didn't care about what was happening
I continued to read
and wasn't that interested in the heroine
plus I didn't like the hero
little things bothered me
especially about the main characters and the romance
the story wasn't as fresh as I was hoping for
after page 100 I started with skipping some passages
when I was finally at the end
I was relieved
and sad that I couldn't see the greatness in this book
that others have seen
I don't plan to go on with this series. 

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