29 October 2016

Rookie Move - Sarina Bowen

contemporary sports romance 
#1 in a new series, the Brooklyn Bruisers
this is one of the books I was most excited for in 2016
I adore the first three books in Bowen's NA sports romance Ivy Years series
and I also love the sports romances (Him + Us) she is writing together with Elle Kennedy
so of course I was super excited for her newest sports romance
but I also have to say that I did have issues with books 4 + 5 in the Ivy years series
and that a new romance by Bowen from 2016, True North, was just ok for me
still I expected to fall in love with "Rookie Move"
the story is about Leo
whom we already know from the Ivy Years books
we know the reason his relationship in highschool ended
we know about the horrible events that lead to this decision
and now it's time for a second chance between Leo and his former girlfriend Georgia
both work for the same hockey team
after years they finally meet again
and of course there's still something special between them
the premise of the story sounded great
but once I started reading the book
I realized that I wasn't that interested in Georgia
in her history, in her as a person, in her feelings
the way she was described didn't really fit to how she acted
Leo had depth, I enjoyed meeting him again
but Georgia was missing some depth
I never felt a connection to her
I couldn't feel the chemistry between Leo and Georgia
and the way their back-story was handled
didn't make me happy
I would have loved to meet some characters from books 1-3 in the Ivy Years series again
but that didn't happen
and I was actually annoyed at how Leo's dating history was judged
and some minor things in how the hockey organization was run
just seemed unrealistic
so no, this was not the amazing start into the Brooklyn Bruisers series
I was hoping for
I plan to give book #2 a try
but don't plan to read #3
because the plot doesn't appeal to me at all
it's weird that most of the recent books by Sarina Bowen
not longer were perfect for me
I guess it's time to accept
that many of her new books
no longer contain
what I want from romances. 

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