25 October 2016

P.S. I like you - Kasie West

young adult contemporary romance
what happens when you start exchanging letters with a person you don't know
when this person gets you in ways other don't
and then you find out that this person is not the one you expected?
a mostly cute and entertaining story
the plot was predictable
the identity of the mysterious letter writer wasn't a surprise
but that didn't bother me at all
I loved the beginning and middle part
loved reading about school and home life
but also enjoyed the more serious moments
the ending was not as good as the rest
something was missing to make me think wow
still a good book
that I enjoyed
and if you like cute YA romances
then this book could be great for you. 

The next YA romance by Kasie West
also sounds great
so I plan to read it. 

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