09 October 2016

Night Owls (The anatomical shape of the heart) - Jenn Bennett

young adult contemporary romance
US title: The anatomical shape of the heart
they meet on the night bus
she discovers his secret nighttime activity
and they can't stop thinking about each other
but will they get a chance to get to know each other
when life surrounding them 
seems to get more complicated by the second?
for the first time in months 
I really enjoyed a young adult contemporary romance
Night Owls entertained me from the first sentence on
I loved reading about Beatrix and Jake
about their developing romance
about their families
about their hopes and plans
the story is fast-paced
and the ending just as happy as I wanted it to be
for some readers things might be wrapped up a bit too perfectly
but I loved it
and it made me very excited to read more by the author
so I will definitely buy more books by Jenn Bennett in the future. 

Happy Reading!

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