25 October 2016

New books: Preorders and wish list books

These are my new print books, some were preorders, others I had on my wish list(s) for some time and I finally bought them.

The books
Sleeping Giants - Sylvain Neuvel
Mysterious signs, a weird artifact made of metal and a heroine who is trying to find out what it means. Sounds interesting and it's going to be a nice change to the other books I'm reading. 

Aerie - Maria Dahvana Headly
Part 2 in the Magonia duology, Part 1 was great (first contemporary, then fantasy, special bird-like beings, singing, fights for power and more) and now I'm hoping for a great ending in this special series.  

Gemina - Kaufmann + Kristoff
Another second book in a series that started out strong, written in a lot of different text formats, set in space with all kinds of crazy things going on. 

Passenger - Alexandra Bracken
Time-travelling and mixed reviews, that's what I know so far about the story. 

Signs of you - Emily France
A group of teens who all lost someone important in their lifes. Sightings of those who died, mysteries things are going on and a bit of SciFi. Sounds great.

Holding the Dream - Nora Roberts
I love the book and finally got a pretty version with rough-cut pages of it (by Berkley).

These vicious masks - Zekas + Shanker
Jane Austen meets superpowers meets young adult. The excerpt I read of the book was great, so now I'm excited for the rest.

Wanderlost - Jen Malone
A YA romance that is supposed to be perfect for fans of books by Stephanie Perkins. Need I say more?

The Graces - Laure Eve
YA, magic and a ton of very mixed reviews, some readers loved the book, others didn't at all. I liked the excerpt I read, so I bought the book. 

Dragons, the woman who studies them, a historical setting plus a very charming writing style, of course I had to have this book.

Happy Reading!


  1. I bought The Graces two weeks ago, mixed reviews or not, I like the premise. I'm desperate to pick up A Natural History of Dragons, it looks too good to pass up.

  2. I bought Sleeping Giants a few weeks ago. Gemina is on my TBR list. I hope we both enjoy them.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!




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