10 October 2016

Get Inked, Clipped Wings + Inked Armor - Helena Hunting

a novella
part of the Pucked series
I love this sports romance series
it's loud, sexy, over the top crazy and so much fun
this book fits perfectly to the rest of the series
we get something new by every character in the series
little bits about what is going on with them
and once again I had to lough out loud constantly
this series has been pretty much perfect for me so far
some readers won't enjoy the humour as much as I do
but for me it just works
I'm already excited to read the next book in the series. 

books #1 and #2 in the Clipped Wings series
after reading and enjoying the Pucked series by Hunting
I wanted to try more books by her
so I bought two books in one of her other series
and overall I enjoyed both books
but definitely not as much as the Pucked series
Clipped Wings + Inked Armor
are messier and more dramatic than the Pucked books
at times too dramatic for my taste
there is some humour
but not as much compared to the Pucked books
I don't think that I will be reading more books in the series
I prefer the more light-hearted stories by Helena Hunting.

Happy Reading!

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