09 October 2016

Cream of the crop + Roman Crazy - Alice Clayton +Nina Bocci

Today I have a two in one review
two books written / co-written by Alice Clayton
two books I expected to enjoy
two books I had some issues with

Cream of the Crop
contemporary romance 
#2 in the Hudson Valley series
in reviews I read
that some readers struggled with the hero
I didn't
instead I disliked the heroine
pretty much from the first second on
I didn't enjoy reading about her
she seemed very superficial
and in one scene way too hysterical
I just didn't like her
and that made it hard to enjoy the romance
and pretty much everything in the book
after 100 pages I started to skip passages
the ending was ok
but once again it wasn't perfect for me
and overall I missed the humour
I enjoyed so much in other books by the author
I don't plan to read the next book in the series.

Roman Crazy
written by Alice Clayton + Nina Bocci
contemporary romance
#in the Broads Abroad series
this story is about starting anew
about letting go of the past
and your cheating ex
about second chances
and going your own way
overall I enjoyed the story
but I wasn't that fascinated by the main characters
they were nice and everything
but I wanted more of them
my emotions weren't as involved as I wanted them to be
I'm not sure if I will go on with the series.

Happy Reading!

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